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יום ראשון, 7 באוקטובר 2018

A new creation for two challenges

A new creation for two challenges




September challenge - Journey

On the MIXED MEDID & art blog

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As for Muse, I must say that for me it is different
There is the famous aphorism 
"When the cannons roar the muses are silent"
So for me it's the opposite
During an emotional, mental, physical storm
 I am in a place where I have the most Muse
The muse comes from all kinds of things 
that happen in our lives
At the level of principle, I am a person 
who is mainly operated by muses
If I do not feel like doing anything,
 chances are I will not do 

What is good about the muses 
is that when they appear
  They take all the goodness out of me
 with all my heart and intentions

This time I was inspired by the two inspiration boards 
of the challenges
The colors are quite similar and I used motifs 
according to what was asked in the challenges
I decided not to add captions this time 
and let your imagination do the trick
I collected and used many natural materials around
 my house in this piece
The colors are autumn colors 
and the girl in the picture looks at the grandpa's flowers
Just like this season
(The picture is obviously allowed from the network)
Life is our greatest journey

Some of the materials appear in this image

Pictures from different angles

A few more pictures from the process


Hope you liked it
Hope that meets the conditions of both challenges
Thank you for stopping by
 Have A Wonderful week

יום שלישי, 11 בספטמבר 2018


A new creation for the September challenge

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I dont think there's anyone in this world
 who didnt make mistakes
Some of the mistakes led to the best results
Many things in the world were discovered
 because of a mistake
From mistakes we learn
 and in fact if you dont make mistakes
 .it's a sign that you are not doing anything
 Mistake is a total of good or bad experience
I'd rather try and make a mistake
  Than not to do anything at all
And that's all I have to say about life mistakes in general

In this piece I was inspired by the inspiration board 
and the colors
Must indicate that this colors 
are not in my comfort zone usually
But hey all the fun is to experiment and try

Recently I am undergoing a change of mind
 about myself and my creations
I certainly tend to share the processes out of the love of documentation that I have naturally
But recently people have approached me with
 appreciation for the fact that I share 
and  by that  helps others
Which makes me very happy
Because it is best to succeed 
in being the person you intend to be

(So the visual image in the picture (a licensed picture
 made me feel connected
And I decided to go crazy and 
to sprinkle confetti all over

Most of the materials are in this picture

In addition,
 I also created a tutorial on my YouTube channel
I will add it after I upload the piece to the challenge blog

I hope you'll like it
Hope it meets the conditions of the challenge
Thanks for stopping by

יום שלישי, 4 בספטמבר 2018

August challenge - Сolors of life

August challenge - Сolors of life

August Challenge in Mixed Media & Art Blog

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This time I took the time and got inspired by
 the Inspired Creations in the challenge post
I looked many times and when I went to create this piece
 They were already so introverted in me
So much so that only when I raised my eyes from the piece
 after I finished  it i realize
 how truly I was inspired by them
Not imitation but totally inspiration

In this piece I used old brushes, small pieces of wood 
chipboard cuts, metal leaves, gesso, modeling paste
Cheese Cloth,Lindy's Spray and Shaker,Crackle paste
 network image (approved) , flowers And more

 close-up pictures

more images of the creative process

 Hope you'll like it
Hope the piece fits the challenge requirements
Thank you for stopping by