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יום שבת, 19 בדצמבר 2020

Christmas stars

Hi to you all creative souls

zvia is here with inspiration creation

  for December challenge

This is December Moodboard

It’s hard to miss that December’s Mood Board
 is a real inspiration for creating something for Christmas
So even though it is not officially an Israeli holiday
 and we personally celebrate Hanukkah
There are cities in Israel that these days
 are filled with Christmas decorations
Full of light and sparkling 
For me the launch points are the belief in miracles 
and the lights of these parallel holidays
So for the first time in my life I made
  Christmas decorations on a star base
For the bulbs I used a cool technique
 that makes them glow at night like fireflies
Recommend watching the attached tutorial

Full tutorial on my youtube channel
Feel free to subscribe to my channel for more tutorials

A few more close-up photos

I hope you get inspired by the ornate stars I made
Wishing you all a Happy holiday of all kinds
At this point in life for me this is the last creation for Splashimix Blog
Maybe I'll come back in the future, days will tell
I really enjoyed being a part of the Design Team
Wishing you continued productive creativity and joy

יום רביעי, 4 בנובמבר 2020

Mixed media cards


Hi to you all creative souls

 zvia is here with inspiration creation 

 for november challenge

This is  November Moodboard

As you probably know and feel

This is not an easy times for all of us

It affects our lives 

And it also affects our muse and creativity in particular

So like everyone else, me too as a person that  is usually very creative

  happens sometimes that I have no innovative

 or original idea of ​​my own

And like everyone else sometimes 

I need so-called of "artificial means" to stimulate my creativity

In such cases a  Moodboard is really an ideal thing

This is in fact the very point of motivation for creation

It is designed to help us, to characterize our work in certain motifs 

.and colors, It gives a general direction

There are times that we take the inspiration and turn it 

completely into something of our own

And there are times that we  take inspiration 

just as it is expressed and brought to us

In these mixed media cards

I just took the colors: blue, brown and green

And the motifs: door, peacock, flowers

And I made inspiration cards, literally

Because the cards themselves are pretty simple in their preparation

I decided to slightly change the order of the processes 

Full tutorial on my youtube channel

You are welcome to subscribe to the channel


Here are some close-up photos

I hope this post motivates you to get creative

And that you will be inspired by the cards

Waiting to see your creations

To create nowadays means to maintain a place of sanity

Take care of yourself


יום ראשון, 4 באוקטובר 2020

Shabby vintage Hoop

 Hello to all of you creative souls

Zvia is here with another inspiration creation

The challenge colors of October are so pink and peachy 

delicate and romantic

And as such they took me straight 

to the style of  Shabby Chic and Vintage

I used a free approved vintage photo from the web

And I built around it the whole composition

I arranged for the picture to stand out, as she is the Focal Point

And all other elements in the work 

(are intended to support the central element (Focal Point

My tip for creating  is to decide in advance what  the Focal Point is

Then the rest will go with the flow

The colors of my creation are

 peach, light pink , rose gold ,white and slightly green 

And I used different materials and textures

October moodboard challenge 

All the details in the tutorial video on my YouTube channel

Close-up photos

Hope it will inspire you
Waiting to see your wonderful creations

יום רביעי, 9 בספטמבר 2020

Hot Air Balloon Improvisation Bulb Alternation


Hot Air Balloon Improvisation 

Bulb Alternation

Mixed media technique

Free Style - shabby go with the flow


אז מה הקשר בין נורה שרופה 💡,קרטון ביצים🍳, מקלות ארטיק 🍭

וחוט חבל לבין בלון פורח🎈 מכונף 🦋 ופרחוני 🌺 ? 

הקשר הוא אני 😄

יצירת מיקסד מדיה חדשה וזורמת 

בסגנון שאבי שיק חופשי וכיפי 

המשך נעים לכולכם 💗

Full tutorial on my youtube channel Feel free to subscribe

הדרכה מלאה בערוץ היוטיוב שלי מוזמנים להירשם 

יום שישי, 4 בספטמבר 2020

Annual diary cover

Annual diary cover
Hello to all of you creative souls
zvia is here and in honor of the new year 
I decided to re-wrap a simple annual diary

Here in Israel this year in September
 we celebrate the beginning of the new Hebrew year
And as my customs every year I wrap a new diary
 With the hope that the next year ahead 
will be blessed and better than the previous one
...and that everything we will plan will be good and will be at all
This last year was different from every year
And hope for all of us that next year
 will really be better to all of us

The Mood board dictated solid colors lace and festivity
So in hopes that this year will be all of these things
  I was inspired to wrap the diary 
And the leading words for me are
Solid, festive, rich, and stable
Hope you get a lot of inspiration

So without delay we will move on to the tutorial
Feel free to subscribe to my channel for more tutorials

Close-up photos

I wish you a wonderful and creative year
And hope you always enjoy creating

Waiting to see your creations

יום שבת, 29 באוגוסט 2020

Art Journal Book

Art Journal Book
 inspiration Creation  I made
As a guest designer
For the August challenge 
on the Mixed Media Academy blog

Click  the banner to reach the my post on the Challenge blog

Full tutorial on my youtube channel

Thank you for visiting my blog

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