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Zvia Art corner
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יום ראשון, 4 באוקטובר 2020

Shabby vintage Hoop

 Hello to all of you creative souls

Zvia is here with another inspiration creation

The challenge colors of October are so pink and peachy 

delicate and romantic

And as such they took me straight 

to the style of  Shabby Chic and Vintage

I used a free approved vintage photo from the web

And I built around it the whole composition

I arranged for the picture to stand out, as she is the Focal Point

And all other elements in the work 

(are intended to support the central element (Focal Point

My tip for creating  is to decide in advance what  the Focal Point is

Then the rest will go with the flow

The colors of my creation are

 peach, light pink , rose gold ,white and slightly green 

And I used different materials and textures

October moodboard challenge 

All the details in the tutorial video on my YouTube channel

Close-up photos

Hope it will inspire you
Waiting to see your wonderful creations