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יום שבת, 19 בדצמבר 2020

Christmas stars

Hi to you all creative souls

zvia is here with inspiration creation

  for December challenge

This is December Moodboard

It’s hard to miss that December’s Mood Board
 is a real inspiration for creating something for Christmas
So even though it is not officially an Israeli holiday
 and we personally celebrate Hanukkah
There are cities in Israel that these days
 are filled with Christmas decorations
Full of light and sparkling 
For me the launch points are the belief in miracles 
and the lights of these parallel holidays
So for the first time in my life I made
  Christmas decorations on a star base
For the bulbs I used a cool technique
 that makes them glow at night like fireflies
Recommend watching the attached tutorial

Full tutorial on my youtube channel
Feel free to subscribe to my channel for more tutorials

A few more close-up photos

I hope you get inspired by the ornate stars I made
Wishing you all a Happy holiday of all kinds
At this point in life for me this is the last creation for Splashimix Blog
Maybe I'll come back in the future, days will tell
I really enjoyed being a part of the Design Team
Wishing you continued productive creativity and joy

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