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יום שני, 22 בפברואר 2021

Ballerina In Red

Hello to all of you creative souls

 Zvia is here with the

 second Creation  for February

a step-by-step tutorial

 For canvas Mixed Media Layout

With the charming Materials of Little Birdie

Although I photographed the process

 there is also a Tutorial video on my YouTube channel

 you are welcome

Cut elements from the papers

 used cold pressed canvas

Decision for composition

Stencil and modelling paste

Paints + spray + water

 covered the chipboard with red embossing powder

 I tend to photograph and pre-print the composition

(Which is not yet glued)

That way it's easy to remember what I planned

Of course everything can be changed

Flowers, can be pasted with a medium gel

Or a hot glue gun

 mixed small craft stones with glitter bling

And soft medium gel

Touches and splashes of white gesso

 and some more splashes of  red

List of links to materials: Watercolor Art Panel 8in X 8in 2Pc https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Shabby Chic Bouquet Card Stock - 6X6 Inch https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Cottage Lace- 6 Design x 2, 12in x 12in, 12sheets, 250gsm https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Stencil 10x18cm, 1pc -Irregular Dots https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Mixed Media Paste White 400gms https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Color Splash- Berry Blast, 50ml https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Home Decor Chalk Paint Set- Bright Shades 60ml 6pc https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Acrylic Gesso- White, 100ml https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Acrylic Soft Gel Medium Gloss 100ml https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Bling Fiesta- Red, 15gm Each, 6pc https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Pearl Drops- Pink Bliss, 30ml https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Primed Chipboard- Tropical Foilage, 1pc https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Bonita Love and Roses 20pc https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Deborah Love and Roses 10pc https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Clarissa Celebrate Life 16pc https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Beaded Blooms Candy Mix 50pcs https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Beaded Micro https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec...

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial

Wishing you lots of creative joy and inspiration

with love


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