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יום חמישי, 25 במרץ 2021

Spring Mixed Media Cards

 Hello to all of you creative souls

 Zvia is here with

 The second creation for March

Step by step tutorial

  Spring Mixed Media Cards

With Beautiful Little Birdie  Products

Although this is a step by step tutorial 

I have also prepared a tutorial on YouTube

You are welcome to the full tutorial 


List of links to products below

I covered the paper with a medium gel

  then with a mixed media paste with a stencil

After it dries well time for paints



Last touches white gesso

List of product links: Cottage Lace Paper- https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Soft Gel Medium- https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Gesso- White- https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Stencil Brick Wall- https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Mixed Media Paste White- https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Color Splash- Lime- https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Sparkle Paste Passion Pink- https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Waterproof Strong Adhessive Silicon Glue- https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Self Adhesive Stickers - Vintage Windows- https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Self Adhesive Stickers - Floral Hours- https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec... Handmade Pixie Rose Woodland Stories Flowers- Nora Boho Vibes- https://littlebirdiecrafts.com/collec...

Thank you all

I wish you all the joy of creation and inspiration

with love


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